Business and Life Strategist

leading, observing, and living personal and organizational change

In a hungry world for hopeful potential and new innovations, a mindset that is stuck in the limits of today will never lead the future.

John R. Miles


My clients call me when they’re not seeing the results they expect in their lives or from their organization. They’ve tried to implement new techniques but they are not getting the results they require. They may have the skills that should produce opportunity–but something isn’t clicking, in spite of all their efforts.

However, in my experience, the issues they are seeing are symptoms. I work with my clients to identify the visible—and sometimes invisible—factors within their environment that contribute to the problems they see. So they can adjust to the environment and work more effectively together with their teams to solve problems and build a passion-struck culture.

Coaching & Training

Working to alter Your Passion Journey is not an easy task. It takes an openness to new ideas and a passion for making change. Working with a Business and Life Strategist can speed up the process

John has a unique ability to join and often lead teams of the best and brightest minds. He can look at problems from the macro and micro levels and offer advice that pinpoints targeted outcomes. He can train you and your team to ignite and cultivate your own passion culture.

“A growth mindset is essential for future leaders. When your focus moves from fixed to growth in your own abilities, you also free up your mind to dream of how other seemingly “fixed” elements of the world are capable of far more.”

John R. Miles

Keynote Speaking

Looking for an unforgettable speech that will leave you and your teams feeling empowered, inspired, and transformed?

I am a storyteller and use my extensive background in business, combat, and as an entrepreneur, to illustrate the road to personal empowerment.

I help growth-seeking individuals and business owners break free from the ceiling of complexity so that they can step into the visionary they are meant to be and take their life and business to the next level.

Ready to Overcome Your Fixed Mindset?

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