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Media Appearances

Picture of John R. Miles on good morning Dallas for his media page

Good Morning Texas

Picture of John R. Miles on Columbus Ohio television program

WTVM News Leader 9

Agile heroes conference John R. Miles and Maria Matarelli

The Agile Heroes Summit




Siren Radio

Radio St. Pete Sunshine 96.7 FM featuring interview with John R. Miles

Radio St. Pete


books and buzz

Book & Buzz Magazine

Chief Executive magazine article featuring John R. Miles

Chief executive

Youtube Thumbnail Passion Struck Podcast with Oz Garcia episode 454

Thrive Global

John R. Miles featured in the Business Observer

Business Observer

Next big idea club article on John R. Miles book Passion Struck - Tap Into Your Unlimited Potential with These Powerful Life Principles

Next Big Idea Club

CEO world article featuring John R. Miles


Bloom Tampa Bay logo

Bloom Tampa online

Builtin article on Mosquito auditor featuring John R. Miles

Built In

LitPick Book Review of Pasion Struck

LitPick Author Interview

Catalyze 2024 featuring John R. Miles

The St. Pete Catalyst

Canvas Rebel Interview of John R. Miles

Canvas Rebel Magazine

Mindful words article with an excerpt from passion struck

The mindful word

John R. Miles holding his book Passion Struck

Green bench monthly

Elephant Journal featuring John R. Miles

Elephant Journal

John R. Miles featured for 30 Million passion struck podcast episodes over 3 years

Anthony Avina Blog

John R. Miles total prestige article

Total Prestige

John R. Miles on HR Daily Advisor

HR Daily Advisor

Strategic CHRO featuring John R. Miles

Strategic CHRO360



Author Interview for John R. Miles for the Power of Us newsletter

How to Craft Your Own identity, an interview with John R. Miles

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