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Learning How To Be Vulnerable & 5 Ways To Get There

Girl with striking blue eyes expressing how to be vulnerable

In my Passion Struck podcast episode from last week, I explained why experiencing pain is the pathway to growth. In this article, I will build upon that episode by exploring how to be vulnerable and its relationship to overcoming the pain we experience. But, Let me first ask you a few questions: Have you ever […]

Why Experiencing Pain is the Pathway to Growth

picture of a man experiencing pain and crying out loud

In the world of self-improvement, we often discuss “resiliency” as a barometer for mental performance. But, it wasn’t until I confronted some challenging experiences from my own life that I understood how much experiencing pain could be a doorway to growth. In reflecting on that experience, however, I had a profound realization — recognizing how far I […]

What Are Cognitive Biases and 6 Ways to Minimize Them

Illustration of a woman with different words trying to minimize cognitive biases

Have you ever, with your best intentions, made a decision that turned out to be a poor or detrimental one? You probably have. We all have made choices at different points in our lives that, at the moment, seemed right but, in retrospect, were completely short of logic and accurate reasoning. The primary reason behind […]

5 Steps to Change Your Perception to Create a Better Life

picture of a glass sphere showing how you can change your perception

There is a simple and insightful psychological test where a glass is partially filled with water, and people are asked to describe the state of the glass. Some will describe it as half-full, while others will describe it as half-empty. This experiment aims to show how we can all see and interpret the same thing […]

Does Free Will Really Exist?

Picture questioning does free will exist with a hand holding a puppet for the John R. Miles blog

For centuries, theologians and philosophers have debated one of the most central questions of human existence: whether or not we have free will. The question most commonly asked is: “Are our behaviors and actions predetermined, or do we have complete control over our choices?” At the end of the 20th century, many believed that neuroscience […]

How to Manage Time: The Wisdom of the Stoics

Picture of the stoics (Seneca, Marcus Aurelius , Epictetus) about the value of time

“Time is the currency of life” is a popular quote that emphasizes time’s importance. However, so few of us know how to manage time. American poet and biographer Carl Sandburg put it this way, “Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it […]

9 Ways to Deal with Chronic Loneliness

Black and white picture of a woman crying who is suffering from chronic loneliness

As humans, we are social beings who have evolved to co-exist and interact with one another. As a species throughout history, we have survived and prospered by banding together for mutual assistance and protection. Just as bees evolved to need a hive, humans evolved to need a tribe as well. From the early history of […]

The Devastating Consequences of Excuses and 8 Ways to Stop Them

man and woman by the beach arguing over the consequences of excuses

Life can be a complicated dance, and one thing is sure — we are all likely to make excuses for our mistakes along the way. That is because none of us is perfect. Sometimes we fall short and fail in our personal behavior, and the consequences of excuses reflect that. When faced with situations, the final choices […]

How to Heal the Shattering Consequences of Abuse

black woman with hands over head as she sits contemplating the consequences of abuse

Over the past several weeks, I have interviewed several guests on the Passion Struck podcast who have experienced the consequences of abuse and neglect. These include Kara Robinson Chamberlain, who was kidnapped by a serial killer and sexually assaulted, and Carrington Smith, who was emotionally abused and neglected for years by her parents and sexually […]

Why You Fail to Take Responsibility for Your life

Man who is living in denial and failing to take responsibility for his life

I am often asked, “Why do people fail to take responsibility for their actions?” As motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said, “Either you run the day, or the day runs you.” This quote highlights the importance of taking charge of our habits or inadvertently allowing our choices to dictate our states of being. Due to […]

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