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Embracing Your Unique Path: Finding Beauty in Mediocrity

Picture of an Arab woman for the John R. Miles blog who realizes being average is ok and the culture of exceptionalism is bad

I want to lead you through an exercise that quickly gets to the core of your sense of legitimacy and well-being: throughout your childhood, did you experience a feeling that you were — on balance — OK with who you are? Or did you derive the idea that you needed to be exceptional to feel satisfied with who you […]

Transforming the Mind and Body: 10 Benefits of Meditation

young woman practicing meditation along a cement wall for John R. Miles blog

Life as we know it is full of many ups and downs. These challenges can cut across any sphere of everyday life, including social interactions, finances, health, and spirituality. What if I told you there was a better way to handle these situations? It is the benefits of Meditation.  But, I have learned that meditation […]

Unconditional Love: What It Means and 8 Ways to Find It

Brother expressing unconditional love to his baby brother

Unconditional love is a term that most of us don’t frankly understand. We live in a transactional world where people often offer love contingent on certain conditions, not because they genuinely care about those they give it to, but so they get something in return. What is unconditional love? The term unconditional love does not […]

Six Ways to Benefit from the Importance of Patience

A man demonstrating patience as he fly fishes for John R Miles blog

We all have goals, dreams, expectations, and aspirations that we strive for each day. The achievement of these things makes us feel whole, joyful, and fulfilled and gives us reasons to keep living, even when things get tough. But in achieving them, we often want to jump to the finish line without going through the […]

Why Life is a Journey Not a Destination

hiker on the journey to Mount Everest for John Miles blog

I love reading thriller novels. The stories usually have a complex plot with twists and turns that make you eager to know how the book will end. But if you just skip to the last chapter, you certainly lose the beauty and satisfaction of the story and do not fully grasp what really happened in […]

What is the Importance of Our Daily Micro Choices?

Man trying to make the micro choice of what to drink for john miles blog

Today, much emphasis is placed on our big decisions like having children, getting married, learning to drive, buying a house, getting divorced, and quitting a job. But the reality is that it’s all the thousands, if not tens of thousands — of micro choices that create our character and determine our identity. We often forget that our […]

5 Key Ways to Create an Optimized and Healthy Brain

Picture showing our decision making on the path of life for John Miles Blog

Have you ever wondered what it is in your physical body that enables you to comprehend the world in which you live and make everyday decisions? Are you curious about how you can generate thoughts and ideas that eventually translate into physical realities? Have you considered what organ drives your behavior and causes you to […]

What Are the 7 Keys to Ultimate Self-Acceptance?

Picture of a woman displaying a heart sign at twilight representing self-compassion

What if I proposed that I could provide you with more independence, more joy, more kindness, less fear, improved mental health, a growth mindset, and an increased sense of self-worth? Would you want it? What if I told you that all of this is possible, but the path to this involves self-acceptance. Self-love of the […]

How to Unlearn Fear: Why Fears Are Not Just Passively Forgotten

Girl with blue eyes pulling a black sweater over her face in a show of fear

 A Japanese proverb states, “Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.” This proverb does a great job of illustrating that fears only exist in our minds and will only grow as much as we allow them to and the essential reason why we must unlearn fear. Fear is a complicated thing. Even though […]

What Is Learned Helplessness and How Do You Overcome It?

A man sitting on a sofa with his hand over his face feeling helpless for John R. Miles blog

Do you know people who never seem to take action to change their negative situations for the better? For example, an alcoholic may repeatedly try and fail to quit drinking. Have you ever felt you had no promising future? Do you ever feel out of control and unable to address the unpredictability of your life? […]

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