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Why Do We Keep Playing Small?

black and white photo of man playing small with back against a wall

I recently released an interview on the Passion Struck Podcast with Trav bell where we discussed the importance of creating and living our bucket list. During our conversation, he gave a quote about playing small that inspired this article. “How dare I play small. How dare I don’t go as big as I possibly can.” […]

The Bold Skill of Being Tactful

Two men being tactful on the streets of Amsterdam

How often do we face situations in our career or life where we must present difficult information and do it in a way that preserves the relationship. That is why learning the skill of being tactful is so important to our personal success. Let me illustrate through a short example and then provide some important […]

5 Conflict Resolution Strategies for Healthy Relationships

picture with man and women using conflict resolution strategies

Actor Stephen Moyer said, “Conflict is drama, and how people deal with conflict shows you the kind of people they are.” For this reason, it is vital to recognize and understand the different styles of conflict management and how to put those conflict resolution strategies into action. It can become the difference between being successful […]

4 Steps to Perfecting the Art of Diplomacy

two women practicing the art of diplomacy

One of the most important things any person can learn is the art of diplomacy. This article will define the art of diplomacy, will provide 4 steps to perfecting, and different strategies to deploy it.

The Connection Between PTSD and Suicide Thoughts

Military Soldiers coping with PTSD and suicide thoughts

Since we began the War on Terror, over 115,000 veterans have taken their own lives. Growing research demonstrates a connection between PTSD and suicide thoughts.  The research also shows that service members and veterans who have PTSD are 13x more likely to attempt suicide. But, it doesn’t just impact military members. Sexual and physical assault […]

Why Every Revolution Requires Revolutionary Leadership

woman displaying revolutionary leadership

Consider that just a short quin-centenary ago, the world was introduced to the printing press — a novel invention that drastically changed accessibility to knowledge for the ordinary individual. Five hundred years later, we are experiencing the effects of another profound change that rivals the printing press’s seismic shift — the digital revolution. A revolution that […]

Why Comfort Never Leads to Breakthrough Ideas

Man creating breakthrough ideas

“Yes” is one of the most common words in the English language. And yet, many of us struggle to even utter it in response just when it matters the most. It’s not for fear of the word itself, of course, it’s a fear of the consequences of saying that word may bring. And, that is […]

Workplace Adaptability: Winning The Future Talent War

Focus on Adaptability

It is becoming painfully apparent that we’re on the cusp of a new reality that necessitates workplace adaptability. We are actively living with five unprecedented crises simultaneously facing us: a global pandemic, an economic calamity, the racial and social justice crisis, the dilemmas of an all-digital, work-anywhere environment, and an ever-growing leadership chasm. And, I […]

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