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To Achieve Success You Must Overcome 7 Stages of Pain

Image of man demonstrating success and joy after enduring pain

Pain is the path to success. Yet, most people just want success in life without going through the hurdles we must face to achieve it. Success is like climbing a mountain with the different plateaus you cross along the way, which are met by unpredictable ups and downs. Success in life is built by taking risks, […]

Why Materialism Is Impacting Your Happiness and Success

A picture displaying materialism from the people holding shopping bags

Materialism and the desire to flaunt off material things have become a significant part of today’s society. We see influencers all over social media who are promoting luxury products or services and telling their audience, “regardless of all the privileges I have, it isn’t enough.” People all around us spend frivolously on unnecessary things–from leasing […]

5 Ways You Must Become Your Authentic Self

Picture of a black man smiling and being his authentic self

Do you ever feel like you are not you? Like you are not able to embrace your authentic self? Maybe you are unhappy at work, in your marriage, or with the general direction your life is going. It is not uncommon that we one day wake up and realize that we are spending a tremendous […]

6 Powerful Ways You Build Resilience In Your Life

Picture of a woman in the woods showing how to build resilience

Do you feel that your present is getting consumed by your past? That you are stuck. Feeling as though you were trapped on a ship lost at sea, surrounded by misfortune with no way to escape? You are not alone. A lot of people feel the same way and wonder how they can build resilience. […]

The Importance in Life of Being Resilient

Women running through the field being resilient

I have recently been working on a final chapter for my upcoming book. It’s about the five transitions on the journey to becoming passion-struck. One of the characteristics of those who achieve the 4th or 5th level is being resilient. Resilience can often be obtained through unforeseen routes. Considering that approximately 51 percent of women […]

Is Hustle Culture Making You Miserable? (How Do You Break Free)

Picture of red haired woman experiencing hustle culture

We are growing up in a society where we are taught from a very young age that the Hustle Culture is the pathway to success. Sayings like “Go Hard or Go Home,” “Good Things Happen to Those Who Hustle,” and “Hustle Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Hustle” are all too common.  This is amplified by social […]

Six Ways Successful People Ask for Advice

how to ask for advice thumbnail for john r miles blog

Do you find seeking help at work or home repulsive? Do you have the feeling of inferiority when you ask for advice? You are not alone. The majority of people assume that asking for help symbolizes weakness. They don’t wish to feel dumb or seem needy. As Brené Brown wrote, “We mistakenly fall prey to […]

Nurturing Healthy Relationships Through Positive Mental Health

Picture of Sad woman with arm on face because her mental health is impacting relationships

Our positive mental health has a significant impact on the quality of our relationships. Just like every single other piece of your life, our mental health heavily affects our interactions with others and can lead to many relationship problems if not correctly cared for. However, suffering from poor mental health can occur due to no […]

Why is Intellectual Humility Vital to Your Success?

Picture of woman questioning why is intellectual humility vital to her success

Regardless of your self-identity, we envision a version of ourselves that is far different from how the world pictures us. In most cases, the way we see ourselves is glamorized into someone more intelligent, more decisive, and more liked than who we really are. And that reasoning begs the question why is intellectual humility vital […]

5 Ways Our Ego is Our Trap

Black and white photo of a man illustrating our ego is our trap

I have written before about my time working as a Vice President (VP) for Lowe’s home improvement. When I started in that position, I worked as part of what I believed was a highly effective team of five VPs. Our group of five reported to the same Chief Information Officer, Steve Stone, and we worked […]

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