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7 Workplace Gratitude Practices for Success and Happiness

four people experiencing workplace gratitude and job fulfillment.

In my journey to uncover the secrets of professional excellence and personal happiness, I’ve come to realize the transformative power of workplace gratitude. This revelation became even more profound during a fascinating conversation I had today with renowned author and Harvard Law professor Cass Sunstein about his upcoming book, “Look Again,” which delves into the […]

Quiet Desperation: The Hidden Truth and 4 Ways to Break Its Chains

A man experiencing quiet desperation

Henry David Thoreau’s profound words, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation,” echo a stark reality in our modern, fast-paced society. We often find ourselves ensnared in a relentless cycle of monotonous work and fleeting leisure, all while pursuing materialistic achievements. This endless race for wealth, status, and possessions frequently culminates in a […]

Redefining Anxiety: Why Becoming the Anxiety Optimizer Can Fuel Your Success

woman who is an anxiety optimizer

When you hear “Anxiety,” what images flash through your mind? For many, it evokes a cascade of negative connotations: stress, worry, unease. It’s often visualized as a whirlwind of discomfort, a racing heart, a mind beset by doubt, or the persistent apprehension before major events like a crucial presentation or an important exam. In a […]

Discover Your Matter Meter: Why Mattering is the Key to a Passion-Struck Life

Find your matter meter Thumbnail about anti-mattering and the need to feel like you matter

Ever felt like you’re just going through the motions, a tiny fish in an endless ocean of routines and expectations? We’ve all been there, navigating the vastness of life, sometimes feeling lost and insignificant. But here’s the transformative truth — you are more than just a small part of this vast cosmos. You have the potential to […]

Designing Your Dream Year: The Art of New Year Planning

New Year planning

As we close the chapter on 2023, it’s time for reflection and New Year planning. Whether it soared with triumph or tested our resolve, each moment has been instrumental in sculpting our current selves. The trials we’ve faced have honed our resilience, turning adversity into a forge for our inner strength. Similarly, our successes have […]

Dare to Dream: 7 Proven Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt

Man learning to overcome self-doubt

Have you ever stood on the brink of something extraordinary, only to hold yourself back with thoughts like “I can’t do this” or “My efforts don’t matter”? Perhaps after achieving something remarkable, did you ever doubt your worthiness, feeling like an imposter in your own success story? You’re not alone in this struggle to overcome […]

Empowering Connection: Confronting the Paradox of Anti-Mattering

woman experiencing anti-mattering

In the trailblazing words of philosopher-psychologist William James from ‘The Principles of Psychology,’ “If no one turned around when we entered, answered when we spoke, or minded what we did, but if every person we met ‘cut us dead,’ and acted as if we were non-existing things, a kind of rage and impotent despair would […]

You Matter: Unlocking the Transformational Force of Human Significance

A girl with a yellow ribbon who understands why you matter and the power of mattering

I want you to imagine a world where you move through life unnoticed, where your presence goes unacknowledged, and your experiences go unnoticed and unappreciated. You find yourself isolated, with no one seeking your advice, offering emotional support, or valuing your opinions. In essence, you become invisible, leaving no lasting impact on the lives of those around […]

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