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Chris Cassidy NASA Astronaut

The Overview Effect: Through the Lens of NASA Astronaut Chris Cassidy


I was fortunate to interview Navy SEAL and NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy for my upcoming book just days before he launches to the International Space Station to take Command of Expedition 63. In this discussion, Cassidy and I discuss the “overview effect” that many astronauts experience and how through its lens we can see the 

Astronaut Chris Cassidy and Overview Effectworld differently through the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Cassidy may not be a household name but he is the very definition of a Passion Struck leader. As a decorated Navy SEAL and former Chief Astronaut, he provides a truly unique perspective on the pandemic from his perspective of a decorated combat hero and veteran astronaut.

The Overview Effect and How Coronavirus May Alter Humanity’s View

Humanity is at a tipping point. Similar to the “overview effect” found in space exploration, the Coronavirus is Humanity’s way of viewing our own civilization through a different and vital new lens.

Read the full story here on Medium’s Coronavirus blog.



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